Hospitals in Washington Township NJ

Hospitals in Washington Township NJ

When it comes to hospitals in Washington Township, NJ, the residents of the area know that there are multiple options for nearly any type of treatment you need, and they are all conveniently located and offer multiple employment opportunities for nurses and other healthcare workers considering a move to the area.

The Jefferson Washington Township Hospital is the main stay…it is centrally located, very large and built for all types of care. The Jefferson hospital is located both on Egg Harbor Road and Hurffville-Cross Keys Road, close to the Washington Township High School.

This hospital provides a full range of services for residents in the area…a family health center, OB/GYN and maternity services, a Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and much more. The hospital is expanding in a big way, having recently expanded to include a large parking garage and a brand new wing in the building.

In the area of this hospital is a dermatology center, GI specialists, and several family doctor practices. The Jefferson Hospital, incidentally, is also walking distance to multiple restaurants in the area, including the wildly popular P.J. Whelihan’s, Mama Buntz’s excellent donuts, and multiple popular pizza and Chinese takeout stops.

However, Jefferson isn’t the only choice for specialized care and general practices. The Cooper University Internal Medicine and Family Care Center, and their Pediatric Care Center, is just as conveniently located (in fact, it’s right behind our office building!), and also offers a variety of services to residents in the area. There are family doctor practices and advanced service providers here as well.

In addition, a short distance away on Hurffville-Cross Keys Road is the Virtua Health & Wellness Center, which is very popular with area residents. It features treatment and rehabilitation options for a number of conditions, including diabetes, gastroenterology, maternal and fetal medicine and much more.

There is no shortage of care centers and hospitals in Washington Township for almost any type of medical treatment you and your family need, and you have multiple options to choose from in many cases, for family practices, specialized care, and surgical needs. It’s one of the many, many benefits of our location, and one of the many reasons to make Washington Township your home.

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