Donuts in Washington Township, NJ

Donuts in Washington Township, NJ

If you’re a donut lover (and who isn’t!), it’s just one of the many reasons you’ll love the convenience of living here…there’s a great selection of high quality donuts in Washington Township – and there’s more coming! We’ve talked about the availability of great restaurants, great pizza and great bagels here, but there are so many choices that it can be tough sometimes…which is a great problem to have.

Five Great Donut Shops in Washington Township, Gloucester County NJ

Of course it’s easy to find a Dunkin’ and there are plenty of them here if that suits you, but we thought you’d like to try something different and original. Here’s some help when you’re looking for donuts here:

Mama Buntz’s Donut Company – Tammy Buntz became known as “Mama Buntz” for her ability to put together quick snacks for the kids and their friends. Her donut shop is located right at the post office in Sewell, just steps away from the Jefferson Hospital. We’ve tried Mama Buntz’s hand-made donuts and we can tell you, they’re the best around…and Courier-Post readers agree, voting them Best of South Jersey in 2020 and 2021! They are made right there in front of you, and available with a wide variety of toppings…try the Blueberry Hill or the Lemon Blue!

Gianino’s Pastries – We love Gianino’s, and not just because they’re in the same building as our realtor’s office! Gianino’s, like us, is located just across from Washington Township High School. They’re known especially for their superb cannolis, but their donuts are definitely no slouch; they’re available in a bunch of flavors, and the buttercream donuts are spectacular!

Stella! Baking Company – The Stella Bakery on Delsea Drive…with the exclamation point to make you think of A Streetcar Named Desire…is well known for beautiful and delicious wedding cakes. But they make excellent donuts too; on “Bake Shop Saturday”, try their famous cream donuts, classic raspberry jelly donut, or the amazing Snickerdoodle donut – topped with buttercream swirl and a snickerdoodle cookie wedge. We’re in!

Broadway Bakery – The Broadway Bakery on Broadway in Pitman opened in 2017 and has been very warmly received by the local residents…try any of the classics, such as Boston Crème or Apple Pie, or try the “Pitman Bismarck”. They have a wide variety of flavors beyond the classics though, so be sure to visit and have a look!

Factory Donuts – Yes, we know, they’re not open yet…but we’re very much looking forward to it! The Factory Donuts chain has planted their flag across the intersection from Verchio’s, our favorite local produce shop. Factory Donuts has stores in Mayfair and Newtown in PA, and they’re known for fresh and made-to-order donuts in amazing flavors, including S’mores, Chocolate Coconut Dream, Banana Foster and many more. Customize your own donut if you like, from their variety of frostings and toppings!

We love living here for a variety of reasons…the selection of donuts in Washington Township is just one of them! If you’re considering a move to the area, we’d love to tell you all about what makes life here great. Reach out to us today to set up an appointment, and get started on your Washington Township adventure…and enjoy a great donut or two while you’re here!